There are many moving parts to participating here at Swoonworthy HEA. To help guide your experience, here are answers to commonly asked questions about the site.


Editing Your Profile

At the top right of the page by your profile picture, click on the down arrow and select “Profile” to edit your profile page.

On the left-hand side of your page, you can find quick icons to change things like your profile picture. Below that, you’ll find other account setting options you can edit such as email or profile widgets.



Updating Your Profile Activity

To access your profile, click on “Activity” from the drop-down menu by your profile picture or in the top menu.

Your profile will have all your activity from your status posts, group posts, and blog.

You have several options for adding content to your profile:

  1. Posts: Status posts
  2. Blog: Add a blog post
  3. Media: Add a video

Plus you’ll see your friend found and groups. And on the right sidebar you’ll see your current point balance used for each month’s Swoonworthy giveaway.

Status Updates

If your profile page looks blank, click on one of the menu items just below your profile cover.

Enter your status update. You can add photos and other content. To add a link, click on the 3 dots icon to open your additional options.

Blog Updates

Click on the “Blog” link just below your profile cover. Your current content will appear. To add blog content, click on “New Post”

Enter your blog title and content.


Finding and Joining Groups

To find groups, click on “Activities” in the main menu, then click on “Groups. You’ll see the total number of groups, the number you belong too, and the “Create a Group” button. To the right, you’ll see a search box so you can search for groups. If one doesn’t exist…you can start one!

When you find a group, click on it to be taken to the group page. To join a group, click the “Join” option.

If the group isn’t public, you’ll need to wait for the moderator to approve your request

Starting  A Group:

Under “Activities” in the main menu, click on “Groups. At the top of the page click on “Create Group”

Enter your information including:

    1. Group Name, Description
    2. Group settings (public, private, etc)
    3. Group photo
    4. Group cover image
    5. Invite others to your group

Posting to  a Group

Enter your post in the box “What’s new…”

If you want, add a photo, slideshow, quote, gif or file. For more options, click the three-dot icon to add video, audio, or links.











To add a link, enter the link information in the box:

Below your post you can include an attachment, add a feeling emoji, or tag other members.

Click on “Post”








To edit or delete your post click on the three dots near your post to open the additional options.








Click on “Edit” or “Delete” to change your post.