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  • I came across an article in which a woman said Mr. Darcy isn’t a great hero because who wants to be with someone arrogant. Why do so many people miss the clues that while Darcy has pride, he’s also socially inept. He even says so in the book…and the moves.

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  • I love the historical romances by Julie Garwood. The heroines are quirky and there is humor in every one of them.

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    • Have you read any of the Bridgerton series. I’m reading the first one, The Duke and I. It’s light and humorous, although maybe not quirky like Julie Garwood’s old historicals.

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      • Just finished This is Forever by Natasha Madison. Pretty good book but there were a couple of minor details that differed in different parts of the story. I guess an editor should have picked those up, but they did not detract from the story at all.