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  • I’m only about two paged into Midnight Sun ( and I’m already liking more than Twilight. I remember reading an excerpt online years ago and liking it because it helped to see just how scary Edward was. I wish she’d included his POV in the book(s). I mean Jacob got a POV, why not Edward?

  • I finished Moonlight Scandals. It’s book three but for the most part I felt like I wasn’t missing much, until the end when it got a little nutty. Still, I really enjoyed Rosie and Devilin. Now…what should I read next??

  • How is it that I missed the new JD Robb book was dropping today. I’m halfway through The Duke and I (Bridgerton 1) so I guess I’ll be starting Faithless in Death tomorrow.

  • I’ve put off watching Bridgerton until I can read it…so I guess I’m reading it this week! What about you? What are you reading?

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