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Free Romance Books Friday Feb 19, 2021

Freebie Friday: Top Romance Books This Week (Feb 19, 2021)

February 19, 2021 in For Readers, Free Books

Looking for a free romance?


Here are the top free romances on Amazon today. Hurry, as these books may not stay free for long!

Second Chance Spring: A small town, lonely widower romance (Singletree Book 4)

Sometimes love makes plans for you while you’re busy making plans of your own…

Finding myself over thirty and divorced, living in the same small town where I grew up, was not exactly the fast track to personal success. So I took action.

I landed a job with a bigger practice in a big city where I’d find more opportunities at work, and hopefully in my social life. I was ready to move on.

But when Cormac Whitewood and his adorable daughters came into my life, suddenly my big plans didn’t seem so shiny and exciting. Suddenly, I was finding myself drawn to the lonely widower, wishing for more time with him.

The thing is, Cormac made it clear he wasn’t over his late wife—and I’d never force my way into someone else’s family. Besides, I’d already made my plans.

So why do they feel so wrong?

Second Chance Spring is a full-length novel with an HEA about second chances, spring, and taxidermy. Okay, not really. It’s about the plans life makes for us while we’re busy making plans for ourselves, and it’s full of snort laughs, touching moments, cake, and maybe a kangaroo or two.

And the Widow Wore Scarlet (Scandalous Sons Book 1)

Discover a heart-warming romance, a thrilling mystery and an exciting journey for two people who never thought to find love. Meet the first Scandalous Son and the woman who tames him in this new series by Adele Clee.

A chance meeting changed everything.

Damian Wycliff, the illegitimate son of the Marquis of Blackbeck—and notorious rogue—loathes most people. With a heart as dark as his Mediterranean looks, his cynical view of the world is challenged when a woman comes to his aid in a dark alley. In his world, kindness is a rare quality. Was that why he made the rash oath, a sworn promise to play the knight errant should she ever need assistance?

The lady calls in the debt.

Having spent three years wondering what happened to his mysterious saviour, Damian is horrified to discover the angel who saved his life is none other than the scandalous Scarlet Widow—a lady he should despise along with the other fake people who hide behind masks. So why can he not shake the memory of the sweet woman whose benevolence touched his heart? Why is he desperate to discover if she still exists beneath the daring disguise?

A promise never forgotten.

Someone wants Scarlett Steele dead. After surviving the numerous attempts made on her life, she no longer knows who to trust. But one man made a vow—a solemn promise to come to her aid. So when she seeks the help of the devilishly handsome Damian Wycliff, it soon becomes apparent that she isn’t the only one hiding behind a façade.

Does Wycliff possess the means to save her if the villain strikes again?

Will lowering their guards give them both a chance of finding true love?

This book contains steamy sex scenes and the occasional use of obscenities.

Next Door Knight (Man’s Best Friend Book 2)

Can a dog heal two wounded souls?

Newly single Kerry Williams is at her wit’s end. She’s juggling her injured father’s care, a new job as the manager of a hip new restaurant and her therapy dog Willow volunteering at the Veteran’s Center — all while struggling to rise above her humiliating heartbreak. When her father’s caretaker fails to show one evening, she’s terrified she’ll lose her job. And then Willow runs away. Panicked, Kerry gives chase and immediately runs smack into a tall, dark and sexy wall of muscle, palming a squirming bundle of fur. Her new hero seems like an answer to her prayers.

The last thing K-9 officer Caleb Bradshaw wants, is to babysit his neighbor’s father and her dog. He’s facing a potential career-ending injury and grieving the death of his working partner, Trigger. Sure he can handle a cranky old man, but the quiet comfort of Willow who follows him around with liquid-eyed sympathy tugs at the heart he’s trying to keep walled-off after his many painful losses.

Kerry knows Willow can ease Caleb’s grief, but he continues to push her away. Even though her life is in shambles and she too should walk, Kerry knows she can’t and won’t. Will Caleb accept her help or will he close himself off completely?

Crush on You (Bliss Brothers Book 1)

He’s the boss. She’s the assistant who will bring him to his knees.

Roman Bliss is used to being in charge. Everything at the Bliss Resort is under his firm control until a brunette bombshell in a red bikini sashays into his office, claiming to be his new assistant.

He can’t believe the shyest girl at his high school grew up to be a knockout.

Falling for his new employee breaks every rule in the book. And with the survival of the resort—and his brothers—in his hands, he can’t lose his well-ordered life…or his heart.

Lord Darkness (Beastly Lords Book 4)

A magnificent marquess at the pinnacle of London society, darling of the ton, his world is upended in a single devastating moment — and Lord Darkness emerges!

Can life grow any grander?

Lord Christopher Westing, heir to a dukedom, is a veritable god to the women who pursue him. What’s more, his future holds a prominent place in Parliament. Even better, he realizes the only woman for him has been there all along. And then it all vanishes!

Will she lose him so soon after he has found her?

Lady Jane Chatley gives her heart away after one extraordinary night changes everything. She would gladly belong to Lord Westing, if only she could fend off her arranged and dismal future.

An unimaginable accident and a life in tatters . . .

Frighteningly, Christopher’s sunny disposition and his love for life disappear as swiftly as the light in his eyes. With Lord Darkness pushing everyone away and Jane’s own problems growing ever more dire, how will she make him believe in what he can no longer see — before it is too late for both of them?

What books will you be reading? Let me know below!


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Bridgerton VS The Duke and I

Bridgerton vs The Duke and I

February 19, 2021 in For Readers, Illicit Liaisons Podcast

This week I discuss my thoughts on The Duke and I by Julia Quinn and the TV adaptation of it, Bridgerton.

For Black History Month, I have a list of black romance authors to check out as well.

Books Mentioned On the Show

Bridgerton [TV Tie-in] (Bridgertons Book 1)

Bridgerton on Netflix

Black History Month: Celebrate Black Romance Authors

Alexa Martin

Jasmine Guillory

Talia Hibbert

Beverly Jenkins

Brenda Jackson

You can watch A Brother’s Honor on Passionflix.


What is your opinion of Bridgerton vs The Duke and I? Let us know in the comments below!

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Free Romance Books Feb 12, 2021

Freebie Friday: Top Romance Books This Week (Feb 12, 2021)

February 12, 2021 in For Readers, Free Books

Looking for a free romance?

With Valentine’s Day coming, I had to share this freebie! You can read an excerpt and download Deadly Valentine for free on Amazon!

Deadly Valentine


Here are the top free romances on Amazon today. Hurry, as these books may not stay free for long!

Six Pack Ranch: Books 1-3 (Six Pack Ranch Boxset Book 1)

Rocky Mountain Heat

The sweet girl next door moves into the house to help the family out, Blake Coleman knows she’s too young for him. Jaxi has other ideas about the man she’s loved forever.

Rocky Mountain Haven

Beth has enough on her hands as a new widow with three young boys, but Daniel Coleman is far too much of a temptation to turn away.

Rocky Mountain Desire

The last person Matt Coleman wanted to be attracted to is the younger sister of his cheating ex-girlfriend. But fate seems determined to throw him and Hope together.

Bold Seduction: (Of Professor Hornsby) (The Hornsby Brothers Book 1)

A Fascinating Proposition

As owner of The Starling Club, one of London’s more popular brothels, Philomena McGrattan has seen and heard it all. There is little that surprises her anymore, and even less that interests her. When she is presented an opportunity at a tempting and bold seduction, she can’t help but rise to the challenge. A virgin son of a duke? How could she refuse?

An Improbable Encounter

Quiet and set in his ways, Lord Spencer Hornsby is a brilliant eccentric who prefers solitude and researching ancient civilizations. Alone in the Welsh countryside, with only his two wolfhounds for company, Spencer has little time or patience for the pleasures of society. But when an unexpected guest arrives at his isolated hunting lodge, Spencer cannot help but be irresistibly intrigued by the presence of this beautiful woman.

Philomena is shocked to discover that the odd professor stirs up feelings she thought long dead. Spencer, ever the man of research, is eager to learn all he can. Will they find deeper emotions are in play as they take their journey of discovery?

Pioneer Dream (The O’Rourke Family Montana Saga Book 1)

Aileen’s promised to another. Kevin’s desperate to win her love. Will he fight for their growing love or risk losing her forever?

Sensible Kevin O’Rourke does not believe in ghosts, in love at first sight, or in the happily-ever-after type of love. Instead, he is convinced only hard work, dedication to family, and self-sacrifice will bring contentment. When he meets Aileen O’Keefe on the steamboat trip from Saint Louis to Fort Benton, Montana Territory, his world is turned upside down as quickly as she nearly tumbles into the Missouri River. After spending only a few moments in her company, he knows his life will never be the same. Although warned to guard his heart, he is drawn to Aileen, enthralled by her joy and the future he envisions with her.

Aileen O’Keefe knows she is not the sort of woman to captivate handsome Kevin O’Rourke. Charmed by his attentiveness, she is unable to hide her mutual attraction to him, although she knows it is disastrous. For Aileen has a secret. One that will forever separate them. Due to a bargain made by her aunt, their time on the steamboat must be all they can ever share.

Upon arriving in Fort Benton, Kevin discovers that ghosts can return from the dead, love can endure years of hardship, and that his hope for a future with the woman he loves is worth every sacrifice. Aileen must adjust to the rough frontier town as she reconciles herself to the betrayal of one who she had trusted. She must learn to believe in herself so that she can have the confidence to have faith in Kevin’s love.

Can Kevin convince Aileen to trust in the strength of their love or will Aileen turn to another for the fulfillment of her dreams?

What’s a Rogue Got To Do With It (Rogues of Redmere Book 4)

Lewis Knight left behind his life as the son of nobleman years ago. The rough, scarred man is quite content to use his brute force and bad reputation to help the Earl of Redmere with his smuggling—a ruse to aid the war effort. Knight doesn’t care too much about the reasons behind the subterfuge, so long as he gets paid.
And stays busy enough to forget his past for good.
That’s not so easy, however, when he’s forced to return home. And thanks to the earl’s meddling, he’s accompanied by the woman who plagues his thoughts far too often…
Louisa has been too busy running her inn to think too much about the dark, brooding Knight. Even if she does steal the occasional glance at those broad shoulders. However, when a man arrives in Cornwall with lifechanging news and Louisa’s inn is threatened, she must investigate. With Knight’s help, she digs into this stranger’s past and stirs up more danger than she thought possible.
Now that Knight is driven to protect her, the barriers between them feel harder than ever to keep in place. Somehow, she keeps working her way under his unyielding exterior. But Knight knows he’s not worthy of a woman like Louisa—not while his past shadows his every move.

A Long, Cool Rain (The Delaneys of Cambria Book 1)

He’s uncovered a long-held family secret. She’s shocked to learn the truth–and to find herself caught between love and loyalty …

Colin Delaney’s wealthy family has been a Central Coast fixture for generations. When the Delaneys are rocked by the sudden death of Colin’s uncle, a shareholder in the family fortune, Colin learns something that throws all he’d thought he knew about the man into question.

Julia McCray knows that her brother, Drew, has been hiding something that’s been tearing him apart. The day Colin turns up on Julia’s doorstep, he reveals a secret that will throw both her world and his into turmoil. Her growing feelings for Colin are decidedly inconvenient–and will test her allegiance to her own family.


What books will you be reading? Let me know below!


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Modern Day Mr. Darcy

Modern Day Mr. Darcy: Darcy Traits that Live on in Popular Romance Fiction

February 12, 2021 in For Readers, Illicit Liaisons Podcast

Mr. Darcy has become synonymous with the romantic leading man. Even though he “lived” over two-hundred years ago, many traits that make Darcy an endearing romantic lead live on today’s romances. In this episode, I discuss Darcy’s traits and share a few modern romances that I feel have Darcy-esque leading men.

Books Mentioned On the Show

Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin

Edward Cullen from Twilight, Stephanie Myer

I just started reading Midnight Sun, Twilight told from Edward’s POV and so far, I find it more interesting than Twilight.

Roarke from In Death, JD Robb

Gabriel Emerson from Gabriel’s Inferno

(as depicted in Passionflix movies)

To see the movie, check out PassionFlix

Joshua Templeton from The Hating Game by Sally Thorne


Wrath from Dark Lover, the Black Dagger Series by JR Ward


Do you know other Darcy-like characters? Let us know in the comments below!

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What Would Like to See at SwoonworthyHEA

February 11, 2021 in For Readers, For Writers

I started SwoonworthyHEA during a pandemic because I missed connecting with all my romance reader and writer friends in person. As the idea came together, I wanted to build the central spot for people who love romance fiction. The foundation is in, but there’s still much more to do.  Some ideas I was thinking to add include:

Wine and Romance Night, where community members can meet virtually to drink wine (or whatever) and talk about books!

Swoon-con, a romance convention for readers to come and engage with their favorite authors. (virtual or maybe in person)

SwoonMag, a virtual magazine filled with interviews, reviews, and more.

The Swoony an award for romance novels chosen by the community

But, while these ideas sound fun to me, maybe you would like to see something else. So, I have a 2-question survey where you can let me know what would be fun for you in a community about romance fiction.

Thank you so much for helping shape SwoonworthyHEA into the place to be for romance fiction!!

Create your own user feedback survey

Free Romance Books Friday Feb 5, 2021

Freebie Friday: Top Romance Books This Week (Feb 5, 2021)

February 5, 2021 in For Readers, Free Books

Looking for a free romance?

Here are the top free romances on Amazon today. Hurry, as these books may not stay free for long!

You’re The One (Very Irresistible Bachelors)

Hunter Caldwell has never encountered a challenge he can’t conquer. He’s built an impressive real estate business in New York, succeeding against all odds. He shatters every obstacle in his way…until now.
He only has one option: asking for help the one woman who is off-limits…his best friend.

It all starts as pretend…
The first kiss is unplanned, but Josie surrenders to him instantly, driving him crazy. The second one is in front of his tight-knit family. They have to be convincing, but he’s not pretending at all. Her taste is addictive, the scent of her skin is intoxicating.
On their first night together, he barely stops his fingers from pushing down the straps of her dress…
Their second night is sexy as hell, intense and unforgettable.
How can he stop the lines from blurring when all that really matters now is Josie?

Big Love in Small Places: A Series Starter Bundle: A Sexy Small Town Romance Collection

First stop: Willow Cove
Forbidden Lover: Ella and Lucas seem destined to be together–until they discover their grandfathers are sworn enemies! When their secret romance collides with the past, will they have to choose between family and true love?

Next stop: Morgan’s Bay
All Because of You: Olivia and Shane met by fate on a train ride to the small town of Morgan’s Bay. Both recovering from shocking revelations, they unintentionally lean on each other. But as their attraction builds and their undeniable chemistry explodes into passion, a secret threatens their happily ever after.

Final stop: Red Maple Falls
Mad About Matt: When city girl Shay moves to picturesque Red Maple Falls, she opens her own bakery–and reunites with her ex, Matt, the handsome local sheriff. A passionate and engaging small-town romance!

Travelers Guide:
Willow Cove: BEST LOBSTER IN THE STATE! Check out the locals and their freshest seafood. Don’t forget to stop by The Local Bean for that cuppa and catch up on all the town gossip!

Morgan’s Bay: Are you ready for some New York fun? Get away from the city and visit the cutest book store and eat the BEST BURGERS around! Don’t forget to say hi to the very cute bartender.

Red Maple Falls: Visit the Happy Apple for a slice of our famous pie! Enjoy a cruise down main street on one of our custom bikes at the Chain and Spoke. Don’t forget to say hi to one of the MANY hot Hayes’ siblings.


Engaging Sir Isaac: A Regency Romance (Inglewood)

She promised she would bring the baronet to his knees, never dreaming she would lose her heart in the process.
Millicent Wedgwood will never obtain her rightful place in Society, which means she will never have an advantageous reputation, marriage, or future. All because Millie’s sister eloped years before. But there is a chance to rise above that disgrace. If she can win the trust of the baronet who insulted Lady Olivia, and then betray him, she will earn back her position in Society with Lady Olivia’s sponsorship.

Sir Isaac Fox returned from war with one less arm and a weight upon his soul. Where once he easily charmed Society, he now prefers to remain quietly alone at home. With a small estate to manage, Isaac is determined to be more responsible for those in his care and less foolhardy, which leaves no time for romance. Certainly no time for the infuriatingly enchanting Miss Wedgwood.

When Millie realizes her game has put her own heart in jeopardy, she risks losing everything she has so desperately sought to replace in her life. And though Isaac refuses Millie’s advances, he cannot deny her charm. But falling for Miss Wedgwood would mean reentering society and losing the peace he has found since the war. Can they find a way to heal their hearts together? Or will Millie’s deception ruin them both?

This is the fourth book in the Inglewood series and can be read as a stand alone, Sweet Regency Romance.

Expired Refuge (Last Chance County Book 1)

She’ll never accept his help.

He’ll never stop trying to protect his town.

Mia Tathers is an ATF Special Agent. It’s not like she needs Conroy to protect her. However, when it becomes clear someone is recreating her biggest mistake, Mia has to face her own inability to forgive Conroy for what he took from her. It’s the only way she’ll stay alive.

In this town, Police Lieutenant Conroy Barnes is the one who fixes problems. When a blast from the past shows up, bringing danger with her, he vows to keep her safe. But the clock has expired on her refuge. Death is knocking, and Conroy is determined not to let it in.

Welcome to Last Chance County.

*a Christian Romantic Suspense novel*

Tell Me No Lies (Lily’s House Book 2)

Ressa Needs a Husband—and Fast!

With her trust fund in jeopardy, Tessa Crawford enters into a relationship with a mysterious neighbor that soon turns into something more dangerous than either of them could have imagined.

Two days before her wedding, Tessa Crawford’s world crumbles, leaving her hurt and betrayed. Worse, if Tessa doesn’t marry and receive her trust fund, her sister Lily will lose her house and the homeless girls she helps will have nowhere to go.

But Tessa can’t marry just anyone, can she?

Gage Braxton, the guy from next door, is willing to help her out, but rumors hint that he’s an ex-con. Tessa quickly finds herself attracted to a man who has no intention of ever falling in love or of passing on his terrible legacy.

When Tessa stumbles across evidence that may be proof of Gage’s innocence, suspects begin to line up. Someone is willing to kill again to see that the truth remains buried, and if Tessa doesn’t hurry and solve the old murder, she will lose not only her chance at love but may become the murderer’s next victim.

What books will you be reading? Let me know below!


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Favorite (and Not So Favorite) Romance Tropes

My Favorite, and Not So Favorite, Romance Tropes

February 1, 2021 in For Readers, Illicit Liaisons Podcast

We love romance fiction. But we may not all agree on which types of stories we prefer. In this episode of Illicit Liaisons, I share some of my favorite and not so favorite romance tropes.

Books Mentioned On the Show

Second Chance at Love Trope

Persuasion (Penguin Classics)

Here is my favorite adaptation:


 Meant to Be (Southern Heat Book 2)

Friends to Lovers Trope

Big Rock (Big Rock Book 1)

Savor the Moment (Bride Quartet Book 3)

Opposites Attract Trope

Beach Read

Pride and Prejudice


The Hating Game: A Novel

Drawn to Her: Southern Heat Romance Book One: A Southern Romance Series

Destined Love/Soulmates Trope

Dark Lover: The First Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

Jane Eyre (Bantam Classics)

Outlander: A Novel (Outlander, Book 1)

Stuck Together Tropes

The Reef


What are your favorite, and not so favorite romance tropes?  Let us know in the comments below!

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SwoonworthyHEA February 2021 Victoria Secret Gift Card Giveaway

Swoonworthy HEA February 2021 Giveaway

February 1, 2021 in Giveaway

Swoonworthy HEA has a reward program in which nearly everything you do on the site can earn you points! The more you do, the more points you earn. Each month, those points* are used to determine winners of that month’s giveaway.

I’m rolling over points from January into February! That gives you more chances to win!

This month’s giveaway is a $50 Victoria Secret gift card! 

Not a member? Join here to get your first 10 points!



SwoonworthyHEA Rewards: Your points are tracked automatically and you can see your balance on your profile page.  At the end of each month, once that month’s winners are chosen, the points are erased, and we start all over again. That gives everyone a chance to build up points each month to win.

To learn how many points you can earn and how, and more about’s reward program, visit the rewards program page


Free Romance Books

Freebie Friday: Top Romance Books This Week (Jan 15)

January 22, 2021 in For Readers, Free Books

Looking for a free romance?

Here are the top free romances on Amazon today. Hurry, as these books may not stay free for long!

Like a Boss (Double Trouble Duet) (Volume 1)

War veteran Dawson Trudeau never expected his estranged identical twin to walk into his bar in Alaska, let alone offer him twenty million dollars to pose as the CEO of King Enterprises while he secretly heads to rehab for thirty days. With dreams of starting a homeless shelter for veterans and locating his retired service dog from Afghanistan, Dawson can’t say no. Then he meets his brother’s sexy assistant and he hopes she can’t say no—to some overtime between the sheets. Lacey Brooks isn’t attracted to her metro-sexual boss, but his rough and ready identical twin is just her type. When lust turns into love, she fears she is betraying the CEO. If she can navigate the family feud to ensure a spot-on impersonation by Dawson, she’ll finally be promoted to VP. 
 If they can pull off the masquerade, everyone wins. But once the thirty days is over will victory matter if they don’t have each other?

Game Changer: A Single Dad/Nanny Romance (Change of Hearts Book 1)

Now a 2020 RONE Award Winning single dad/nanny sports romance.Up until two years ago, I was living large and my life’s priorities were anchored to three things – my NBA stardom, money and celebrity.

I was also a colossal dick.

Until one night turned my world upside down and I suffered unspeakable loss. That event changed the man I was and made me a widowed-single father.

Now I’m a desperate parent trying to raise my special needs son and find him a trustworthy live-in nanny.

Grad student Brooklyn Hayes may be the one, with her single-minded focus on caring for my son and finishing her Master’s degree. She’s the perfect fit for our needs.

Maybe too perfect…with her bright smile, nurturing kindness and gentle touch. Caleb isn’t the only one who’s fallen for her.

I don’t know when or how it happened, but she changed the game for me. Turning my losing streak into a winning second-half.


The Viscount and the Vixen: A Steamy Historical Romance (The Somerton Scandals Book 1)

Viscount Somers is Desperate.

All the work that he’s done is ruined.

One little indiscretion and his family is the laughing stock of the ton.


The Deadly Debutante Returns.

Rose has agreed to one last Season.

The gossip sheets will eat it up, but she doesn’t care anymore.

If Gideon Somers hadn’t come crashing back into her life, everything would have gone as planned.

Now, it’s a disaster. A disaster she is expected to put to rights.

Sometimes the Only Way to Avoid Scandal is to Behave Scandalously.

The Dream: A Funny and Feel Good small Town Romantic Comedy (The Creek Water Series Book 4)

Ashley has loved the same boy since high school. She knew Davis Frothingham was special even before he championed her at her senior prom. She also knew he was completely out of her league.

Years later, her attraction for him is still there, but Davis? He doesn’t even remember her.

When Ashley is tasked with being the nurse for Davis’ terminally ill grandmother, she’s thrown back into his world. More than anything, she wants him to remember her, but that recollection could come at a price of its own.

Can Ashley accept that she’s good enough for Davis? And can Davis learn to love a girl from the wrong side of the tracks? Find out in this delightfully fun romcom about love and life in Creek Water, Missouri!

Manhunt (A Rocky Mountain Thriller)

ROCKY MOUNTAIN THRILLERS are fast-paced novels with a dangerous edge. Each stand-alone story is set in the brutal and beautiful Rocky Mountains and contains intrigue, romance, and break-neck action. Read all three.

Desperate to provide for her young daughter, accountant Shanna Clarke accepts an invitation to go on a company hunting trip in the Wind River Mountains, even though she’s never shot anything in her life. If she can get through it without embarrassing herself, maybe that sought-after promotion will be hers.

But then her boss starts shooting… at her.

Dodging gunfire and struggling to survive in the Wyoming wilderness, Shanna stows away in the back of a rancher’s truck. A snowstorm, a grizzly bear, and a murder rap can’t keep Shanna and rancher Jace Lantry from discovering why she was targeted. But knowing the reason is only half the battle… the rest has a good chance of killing them both.

What books will you be reading? Let me know below!


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Romance Books I'd Like to See on the Big or Small Screen

Romance Books I’d Like to See on the Big or Small Screen

January 22, 2021 in For Readers, Illicit Liaisons Podcast

This week I give a quick overview of my experience of Passionflix, and then share some books I’d love to see as movies or TV shows.

Books Mentioned On the Show


Naked in Death (In Death, Book 1)


 Dark Lover: The First Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

The Heist (Fox and O’Hare Series, Book 1)

The Royally Series Collection

Big Rock (Big Rock Book 1)


Wanderlust (From Paris with Love Series Book 1)

Cry Wolf: A Novel (Bayou)


What romance books would you love to see adapted for TV or movie?  Let us know in the comments below!

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