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Freebie Friday: Top Romance Books This Week (Jan 8)

Posted on January 8, 2021 freebies promo jan 8

My swoonworthy posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps us to keep sending out swoonworthy content! You can read our dislosures and privacy policy for more info.

Looking for a free romance?

Here are the top free romances on Amazon today. Hurry, as these books may not stay free for long!

The Innkeeper’s House by Elizabeth Bromke

A sweet-as-pie teacher. A hometown hero. And the local B&B, complete with innkeeper’s quarters…

Fresh on the heels of a broken engagement and a dead-end subbing gig, would-be English teacher Greta Houston goes home for the summer. She needs to recharge, and the farm town is just the place. Friday night fish frys and dusty back roads bring her down to earth, but Hickory Grove is only a pit stop on Greta’s way back to the big city. Then she gets an interview… with the last place she’d ever thought to apply.

Football coach Luke Hart has too much on his plate. After moving to Hickory Grove to be closer to his ailing grandmother, he spends his days teaching, coaching, and volunteering at church. Life is good, until Mamaw Hart passes away, leaving him with a daunting heirloom: The Hickory Grove Inn. Luke needs help to run the place, or else he’ll have to sell the one thing that connects him to his past.


Road to Hope (Dogs of Fire Book 8) by Piper Davenport

She wants only him…
For as long as she can remember, Poppy has loved only one man. Devon Wallace has been her knight in shining leather ever since he rescued her from a date gone wrong. She can’t envision a future without him, but she’s convinced he still thinks of her as the pesky twelve-year-old who used to follow him around.
He can have anyone but her…
Devon “Sparky” Wallace has spent the better part of a decade trying to keep his hands off his uncle’s step-daughter, Poppy, and living by the code of the brotherhood. He’s not about to break the rules, no matter how much he fantasizes about the sexiest woman on the planet.

But when her connection to him puts her life in jeopardy, he must figure out a way to save her without breaking the club’s code, even if that means losing her forever.



The Firefly Witch by Amanda Hughes

The Great Marsh is a magical place of spells, visions and an ancient people. It is also a place of supernatural peril, and Circe Swinburne, the daughter of Puritans, is drawn to its shadowy mystery. From her birth, Circe has been haunted by pagan dreams and they intensify when fireflies begin to haunt her, flooding her with riddles. The tiny creatures guide her to a group living in secret, practicing the ancient ways of the Celts in the backwoods of the colony. She escapes to live in peace with them until one day a mysterious man appears with an unusual map. Circe is increasingly drawn to this dark and enigmatic Spaniard, and together they fight against the malicious Puritan witch hunters who are determined to execute her new family and destroy her way of life forever.




The Naughty Boxset (The Naughty and Nice Boxset) by Jasinda Wilder

From the international bestselling romance phenomenon Jasinda Wilder, for a limited time only, a first-in-series boxset featuring three bestselling, sexy and oh-so-naughty romance stories to spice up your holiday season. This boxset features:


ALPHA, and


plus a standalone holiday short story, DEC THE HOLLS.



Into The Dawn (Windsor Series Book 8) by Tamsen Schultz

Stunned. Brian DeMarco doesn’t know what to think when he’s recalled home from a top secret government project—he only knows that it can’t be good. What awaits him is something beyond his wildest nightmares. The woman he loves has been kidnapped, two friends have been killed, and there’s a traitor in the FBI willing to sell secrets that will kill thousands.

Compelled. Lucy James knows exactly why she’s been kidnapped; just as she knows that Brian is the only one she can trust to find her. Their personal history is murky at best, but there’s no one who understands more what’s at stake than her one time lover. He won’t give up or back down—of that she has no doubt—but the price of reaching out to him might be more than she’s ever been prepared to give.

Driven. Together, Lucy and Brian race to stop an attack that will kill countless Americans and scar the nation. They think they’re ready. They think they’ve covered their bases. But nothing can prepare them for the final message the killer intends to deliver.

What books will you be reading? Let me know below!


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