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Romance Books I’d Like to See on the Big or Small Screen

Posted on January 22, 2021

Romance Books I'd Like to See on the Big or Small Screen

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This week I give a quick overview of my experience of Passionflix, and then share some books I’d love to see as movies or TV shows.

Books Mentioned On the Show


Naked in Death (In Death, Book 1)


ย Dark Lover: The First Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

The Heist (Fox and O’Hare Series, Book 1)

The Royally Series Collection

Big Rock (Big Rock Book 1)


Wanderlust (From Paris with Love Series Book 1)

Cry Wolf: A Novel (Bayou)


What romance books would you love to see adapted for TV or movie?ย  Let us know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Romance Books I’d Like to See on the Big or Small Screen

    1. I have wanted to see JD Robb on screen for so long, especially after seeing True Blood, Game of Thrones and Outlander and how well they turned out. I’d subscribe to any channel with In Death books ๐Ÿ™‚

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