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Recommended Romances for New Romance Readers

Posted on March 19, 2021

Recommended books for New RomRecommended books for New Romance Readersance Readers

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In this week’s ep, I answer the question on the books I’d recommend to a reader who’s never read a romance before but is willing to give it try. I recommend books in a variety of categories, including; Classic, Contemporary, Category, Historical, Mystery, Paranormal, Sweet, and Romcom.

Chances are, you have different books you’d recommend. I’d love to hear what they are. You can let me know in the comments below.

Books Mentioned On the Show

Classic Romance

Persuasion (Penguin Classics)

Persuasion – My Fave Movie Adaptation

Contemporary Romance

Mister O (Big Rock)

Wanderlust (From Paris with Love Series Book 1)

Category Romance

The Return of Rafe MacKade (MacKade Brothers Book 1)

Historical Romance

Bridgerton [TV Tie-in] (Bridgertons Book 1)

Bridgerton on Netflix


Paranormal Romance


First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson Series)

Dark Lover: The First Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood


Mystery & Suspense


Naked in Death (In Death, Book 1)

Sweet Romance

I haven’t read any sweet romances, so I’ll need recommendations from you on what you think is good.

Pride and Prejudice


The Hating Game: A Novel

What would be your picks for introductory romances in each category?

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4 thoughts on “Recommended Romances for New Romance Readers

  1. JD Robb, Janet Evanovich, Ellen Burstyn, Nora Robert’s and I can’t remember the one where the mother writes romance and the daughter writes mystery, also there’s a writer that I can’t remember who she is off the top of my head “A is for Alibi” is her first book and she’s based in California…I love reading books that are in a series

  2. Yeah that’s true but I like the love triangle and am waiting to see who she picks…she’s a walking disaster… lol

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