Pitch Form for Illicit Liaisons & Write with Harte
Are you an avid romance reader, blogger, podcaster or a romance author, editor, agent, or publisher? Then I want to talk to you! Illicit Liaisons, the show that talks about the good, the bad, and the naughty of romance fiction, AND Write with Harte, the show that talks about writing, publishing and marketing romance fiction is looking for guests to interview. If you’re an author, you can pitch for both shows and we can record them back to back. Shows are recorded over zoom. These are audio interviews, but we can use video clips for marketing, so if you’re alright with video, we can do that as well. To pitch one or both shows, use the form below. Be sure to check out the podcast info for what each show is about and what topics we’re interested in covering.

What we’re looking for:

Illicit Liaisons: Geared toward Romance Readers (You can check out past shows here).
  1. Author interviews
  2. Category and trope topics
  3. Social aspects of romance (i.e. how the evolving world impacts romance from bodice rippers to trigger warning on romances today)
  4. Trending topics as they related to romance
  5. Any ideas that you have related to reading romance fiction
Write with Harte: Geared toward Romance Writers (This is a new podcast that will be hosted at WriteWithHarte.com)
  1. Author interviews
  2. Craft topics related to writing romance (writing chemistry, writing dialogue, creating characters, plotting (or pantstering) tips, etc)
  3. Revision and Editing topics
  4. Publishing topics (we prefer niched topics as opposed to simply “self-publishing”. I.e. how to choose a self-publishing option, KDP Select Yes or No, writing a query for an agent, how to find agents, etc)
  5. Marketing topics (again we prefer niched over-generalized topics like “social media”. I.e. how authors can use TikTok, email content planning, sitting on panels, etc)
  6. Other topics not included here such as tools and resources, hiring help (editors, and designers), writing series, goals, etc.
  Wine and Romance Virtual Events Separate from the podcasts, SwoonworthyHEA is looking at hosting a monthly Wine and Romance where I’ll host author interviews and fun for a virtual live event through Zoom. At this time, we’re planning on Wednesday evenings, in the U.S Eastern standard time zone, but that could change. I’ll have more details on this coming shortly, but in the meantime, if this sounds like something you might be interested in, you can click the box on the form below.

Podcast Pitch Form

Podcast Pitch Form
  • show choice
  • Please provide your pitch including the topic, and what listeners will gain.
  • Please provide your pitch including the topic, and what listeners will gain.
  • *Note that offering a review ARC, swag or giveaways isn’t required. I can’t guarantee review arcs will be fully read by the time of the show.
    If you’d be interested in participating or getting more information on Wine and Romance virtual events, click the “Yes” box below.